"The only true journey is not to venture to other lands but to see through others' eyes." -Marcel Proust


Travel is the ultimate new perspective. A year on a boat in 8th grade first awakened my sense of how much there was to discover outside my familiar world. A road-trip through the US just before 2016's election did the same within my own country. 8 months in 2016-17 in Asia and Africa was a conscious jump back into discovering the unknown. These are the top things I’ve learned from my long-term travels

What I've learned from travel (coming soon)

A shakeup in every way from daily life, there’s plenty of lessons I’ll try to bring back from my time traveling as I return to routine. From sticky situations, fellow travelers, hospitable locals, new cultures, challenging adventures and non-stop movement, traveling offers new ____.

What I’ve learned from extend time off (coming soon)

Space from work and school and the familiar were as important as where I actually was. It let me clarify a lot, follow my mind to its natural interests, and spend time on the many things that pile up.

Travel guide...and anti-guide (coming soon)

Lots of planning and adventures, and equal failed planning and misadventures. My top tips and watch-outs if you're planning your own travel. 

Travel versus vacation (coming soon)

Travel is amazing. It is not R&R. When planning a trip, choose whether you are traveling or vacationing. Both are great, but here's how I think about the differences. 

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