"Democracy depends on educated masses. But when we made ourselves free we forgot to make ourselves intelligent."  -Will Durant


I am inspired by the brilliant folks who work to ensure every child has education and opportunity. My entry into education came from a different perspective: society’s as a whole.

A democracy depends on high-quality and well-rounded education for everyone. It is necessary to function, and especially for progress. It ensures our society is just and in service of those who comprise it. Education is what enables us to collectively own our future. 

The world of education is sprawling, and few of us - students, teachers, educators, commentators - can clearly trace our work to the real-life impact we really want to drive for our students and our society. In fact, we can’t even agree on - and rarely even discuss - the actual goals of our education system. Our priorities, schools, products and efforts need to be reconnected to these outcomes - this is a thought experiment illustrating how.

Drawing on 7 months visiting with schools and education organizations in Asia, India and Africa, some observations on the biggest challenges faced by schools around the world:

  • Increasing student engagement is a top concern everywhere, and no current approaches are consistently effective

  • It is far too hard to share and find knowledge and learn what works together, in the education world as a whole and within smaller ecosystems

  • Very few efforts will work without a minimum educational infrastructure, including: culture that values education, enough teachers, and accountable admin

  • More quality teachers are needed just about everywhere, though the limiting factor varies

Proposal for a shockingly new kind of school

A new idea that changes the structure of school to guarantee classes drive the desired outcomes, and lets the tools and tactics that work well be replicated easily and massively.

If you are a school leader, educator or product builder looking for bold ways to spike student engagement, to align classes with your ultimate goals, or to create products that other classrooms will actually use with high impact, email me to discuss.

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